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There are two versions. Where's the difference?

The Standard version is suitable for most users. With the annual subscription, you can manage up to a maximum of 5 lists. With this version you can upload a m3u file from your computer or enter an external URL. In any case, a m3u file is processed. This can be a music or IPTV collection.

The Pro version is designed for demanding users. There are no restrictions. You pay per list. This version uses an open JSON API from the server software. Most IPTV providers using this server software also offer this API. A m3u file can not be uploaded. However, this version offers some more features!


What can the Xtream Editor do?

Xtream Editor allow you to create, edit and sort m3u playlists online. Your list gets a download URL that you can use in your client. You can link the playlist directly to an IPTV service provider or upload your file. In the editor you can create your own channel groups, sort and uncheck the channelsIn the settings you can define whether the list is synchronized daily with the provider. So you automatically get new channels. Most IPTV service providers offer thousands of channels that you probably do not need. The client must download the m3u list and update the EPG information for each channel after each restart. As IPTV client KODI and Smart IPTV has been tested with success. KODI starts faster and the channel selection is correspondingly simple

What can the Xtream Editor PRO do?

Xtream Editor uses an open JSON API from the server software. Most providers using this server software also offer this API.

IPTV providers offer thousands of channels that can not be adapted to customer requirements. With the editor can adjust these playlists according to their needs. You simply create your own templates with the categories and channels and can easily redistribute them.

Sort, rename, disable, or delete categories. Sort, rename, disable, or delete channels. Add your own groups or channels. Customize the EPG data and logos of the channels

Creation of so-called lines which is directly linked to the template but contains own access data of the provider.

The line gets a unique ID with a URL which is synchronized live with the provider. The specifications of the template are taken into account. So you get immediately all changes of the provider.

The output of the m3u file can be adapted to the IPTV Player. Xtream Editor supports almost all IPTV players. For example, a TXT file is created for the Smart IPTV App. For SS IPTV App, the list is converted to the "Video Library" so that the categories are displayed. For Enigma2 the bouquets are created, such as turn loaded with our plug-in directly from the box and updated.

Each IPTV Player has its advantages and special options. With the Editor you can customize the lists to the IPTV Player. For example, the Smart IPTV editor can set parental code on each group. This is just a rough description of Xtream Editor functions. And there is much more to come.

Which playlists contains Xtream Editor?

Xtream Editor is a software for creating and distributing playlists. This does not contain any content / playlists. There are also no information on where to get playlists

Can I try the editor?

Yes. Registration is free. You can test the editor and if you like it, you can buy credits or subscribe via PayPal.

Version comparison

Max. number of lists 5 Unlimited
Max. number of entries per list 50000 Unlimited
Max. number of categories per list Unlimited Unlimited
E-mail support
Backup & Restore
Automatic synchronization
EPG-Timeshift per list
Download URL link
M3U download
Smart IPTV (TXT) output conversion
Smart IPTV (MAG) output conversion
Smart IPTV Parentalcode
Enigma2 (Bouquets) output conversion
Enigma2 Plugin (Bouquets update)
SS IPTV categories support
Custom Link to EPG source per list
EPG assignment (manually)
Xtream EPG source
Combine multiple lists "Merged-Lists"
Infomir MAG Portal * *
Customer Interface
Customer Ticketing-System

* For an extra charge

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