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Perfect Player

Prerequisite for a functioning EPG is the EPG-ID assignment

If you want IMDB information about the VOD and series, you should do the IMDB assignment.

Since version 2.6.2 you can add the IMDB information on VOD and series. Perfect Player can display this information.

The editor generates a specific download link for the Perfect Player. This supports the CatchUp (TV Archive) service of XC. If you want VOD and LIVE channels separately, you can enter 2 separate links in the Perfect Player. The VOD are then displayed in a different (better) panel with IMDB information.

You can either enter the links from us directly in the Perfect Player or use the backup file ".ppbck". The backup file contains separate links to IPTV, VOD and EPG

Insert links manually

Go to Settings->General.

There you can enter different playlist URL. In the first "Playlist 1" you can enter the IPTV Link and in "Playlist 2" the VOD Link. In the VOD playlist you should choose the option "VOD". You can enter the EPG link under "EPG 1". Our EPG data always has the UTC time zone. If necessary, you can set the "Shift".

The links to the Perfect Player can be found in the Standard Editor by clicking on the INFO icon and in the PRO version in the Edit Panel of the Line.

Use the backup file

To load the backup file, go to Settings->Defaults->Restore settings. Select the file from the Playlist Editor (previously downloaded to the device).

We recommend a backup of the settings before importing the our backup file.

Catchup (TV Archive) service in the Perfect Player

Select "Archive" in the menu. There you will get a list of shows in the past. Perfect Player must first collect the data to make it available there. If you have a time difference with the recordings from the provider, you can set in our line the "EPG TimeShift". This parameter is not used in the Perfect Player for the EPG data. Therefore we use this setting for the catchup shift.

VOD in Perfect player

In Perfect Player you have different sources. IPTV, Files and VOD.
Select sources in the menu and then VOD.To get the IMDB information, you have to turn on the option "Show additional info"

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