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API Line

You can only make an API line if your provider uses Xtream Codes Server software. We recommend these lists because later it will be easier to manage. If you have received a link from the provider that looks something like this  (http://server.extension:8080/get.php?username=123USER123&password=123PASS123&type=m3u_plus&output=ts) then you can create an API line.

In this link you have all the information to create a line. I take as example this link.

Server = http://server.extension:8080
Username = 123USER123
Password = 123PASS123

1.Create a new line

  • Click on the button "Add line"  in the dashboard. You can now fill out this form with the information from the link.

    Title of your list

    Server URL of the providers. Without further parameters. Ex: "http://server.extension:8080

    Your username from the provider 123USER123

    Your password from the provider 123PASS123

    Choose whether you want to have MPEGTS (.ts) or HLS (.m3u8) stream. You can still change that later

    EPG Timeshift
    EPG Timeshift for the whole list. Ex. -2 or 2. Not all players support this option. Check with the manufacturer if the player supports the M3U tag (tvg-shift)

    Parental code
    Select here the parental control code. This option only affects Smart IPTV and our MAG Portal.

    Here you can enter your own EPG source. You will get a dynamic URL such as "", this URL will be redirected to your source. If you enter a URL here, you will not receive any EPG from us. You should adapt the EPG ID assignment to your EPG source

    EPG Source
    Here you can select the EPG source. Select one or more sources. The last selection "FULL" includes all EPG. It is not recommended to choose this source. The file is very big.
    With a smaller source, the player can process the EPG data faster.

    Settings - Use new Xtream Codes API
    With this setting, the stream link for live channels are alternatively composed. According to the API description of Xtream codes, a Streamlink should be composed as follows http(s)://domain:port/live/username/password/streamID.ext. If you enable this setting, the streamlink is composed: http(s)://domain:port/username/password/streamID. It always uses MPEGTS (ts)

    Settings - Always overwrite the channel name
    When synchronizing, the editor checks whether the "Channel name" field is empty. If Yes, this field is updated by the channel name of the source. If the field is not empty, the field is not updated. This option always overwrites the Channel Name field.

    Settings - Auto-Sync
    With this setting, your list is synchronized daily with the M3U source. Synchronization is initiated with a download of the list.

  • After saving, you will be redirected to the selection of groups (Choose specific groups for synchronization). Since we use the interface from the server, here you can only select specific groups for the synchronization of the list. The advantage here is that the synchronization works much faster and the superfluous channels are not loaded. Disadvantage is that you do not automatically get the new groups from the provider.
  • Click on "Save". You get back to the dashboard. Your list will now sync to the server for the first time.

2. The dashboard

1 = Synchronize list with the provider
2 = Info. There you will find all download links for this list. (M3U, EPG, etc.)
3 = List settings. (Server url, username, etc.)
4 = Drop-Down button
5 = Same as No. 1
6 = Choose specific groups for synchronization
7 = Same as No. 2
8 = Same as No. 3
9 = Copy list
10 = Backup your list
11 = Restore your list
12 = Delete your list

If you click on the "Title" in the overview you will get the channel editing page.

3. Edit groups and channels (channel editing page)

On this page you can edit your groups and channels.

With the groups you can:

  • Change the order
  • Activate
  • Deactivate (group is not deleted only hidden)
  • Create a new group
  • Delete
  • Change the name of the group
  • Determine if the group is "censored" or not (parental control)
  • Determine whether the name of the group will be overwritten by the provider after synchronization. All channels in this group are also affected
  • Group Settings for SS-IPTV App

With the channels you can:

  • Change the order
  • Activate
  • Deactivate (channel is not deleted only hidden)
  • Create a new channel
  • Delete
  • Change the name of the channel
  • Change EPG-ID
  • Change logo url
  • Move the channel to another group


  1. EPG
    - EPG-ID assignment
    - Export EPG assignment. *
    - Import EPG assignment
  2. Sync
    - Sync with Server
    - Sync with Server (Force) **
    - Choose specific groups for synchronization
  3. Picons
    - Use picons from provider (Overrides all your changes and updates them with the data from the provider)

    - Use picons from the Xtream EPG source ***

    - Clear all picons
  4. Search channels (On this page you can search for specific channel)

(*) Each channel has a unique StreamID. If you have assigned the EPG ID, you can download a file with the assignment. You can import these again for next lists. Each provider has different StreamID. So you can only import this file to the same provider.

(**) With us the lists of providers are cached for 1 hour. Otherwise the firewall at the provider would block us because of too many requests. If you click here, the list will still be loaded directly from the provider. Please use only when needed.

(***) We have a collection of picons linked to our EPG data. If you have assigned the EPG ID and are using our EPG data, you can also download our picons. If you click here, the download url of the picon will be inserted at valid EPG-ID.

Groups control

1 = Select all
2 = Unselect all
3 = Sort groups alphanumeric (This operation can not be undone)
4 = Create a new group
5 = Edit group (parental control)
6 = Deactivate group
7 = Delete group
8 = EPG-ID assignment

Channel control

1 = Select all
2 = Unselect all
3 = Sort channels alphanumeric (This operation can not be undone)
4 = Create a new channel
5 = Edit channel
6 = Replace specific strings in channel title *
7 = Deactivate channel
8 = Delete channel 
9 = Move the channel to another group

(*) If you want to replace a part of the channel name, you can use this function. Example: You want to remove  "UK | " on all channels. Enter "UK | " in the Search for field. No entry in the field Replace with. Also note the spaces in the string!

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