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XE Player (BETA)

The BETA version is intended for experienced users only. If you already have difficulty installing the APK, you should wait for the final version. There is currently no user manual. The APP should be self-explanatory. You can just try it. In several places we have built long press and swipe gestures.

We developed the app on Amazon Fire TV 4K. It may not be optimal for mobile devices (phones and tablets). We tested it but our focus was the Android boxes.

The app works from the Android API version 19 (4.4) and higher!!!

If you find errors, I ask you to create a support ticket. It is important to write which line you have used and on which device the app is installed. For us it is also very important to know which Android version is installed. A screnshot is also very helpful. Support Ticket with the content "It does not work" will be ignored and deleted immediately. I ask for understanding.

The goal is to release this version as soon as possible. Please hold back with requests for extensions and additional features. We will gladly take note of your wishes after the release and try to make this app the best for IPTV.

The following should be noted. The app works with Xtream Editor (IPTV, VOD) and directly with Xtream codes in series. It is a hybrid solution. Therefore, all series are loaded by the provider. This also in the order of the provider.

The IPTV channels must still have valid EPG-ID. At VOD both systems are considered. If valid IMDB or TMDB information exists, it will be used. Otherwise, the XC server is requested. If XC Server delivers IMDB or TMDB information, it will be used. In both cases, the VOD information is queried directly from TMDB. The information is in the language of the device (operating system).

TV catchup is also integrated. In the channel list, click the RIGHT button. All EPG data from the past as well as the future is displayed. A search function is also integrated. For this to work, the APP must first collect the EPG data. So be patient.

We have not integrated TV recording yet and it will not be available in the final version. This follows in the second version (expected autumn)

A custom version is not planned. The app is neutral so this should not be a problem.

Use of API Line is strongly recommended.
The app can also read and process M3U files from the Xtream Editor. This is not recommended because it does not properly render series and VOD. These are all interpreted as IPTV channels. The mergedlist is not integrated. This is not necessary because you can connect several lines with this app.

The app is free and works only with playlists from the Xtream Editor. Use with external M3U files or directly with Xtream codes is not planned. The EPG data can also come from external sources. These must be defined in the list or lines.

Until the first release we will try to integrate the following.

  • Alphabetical sorting in IPTV VOD and SERIES.
  • For SERIES sorting by release date.
  • EPG timeshift per group.
  • Edit Parental Code
  • Automatically update the playlists and EPG data

The most important last. Please do not distribute this version yet. The app is not finished yet. In the final version all settings will be deleted.

Version History

Version 0.8

  • First BETA version

Version 0.9

The following has been fixed:

  • Series were not or not completely loaded
  • GUI adjustments
  • Play / Pause on Live TV
  • Various bug fixes when importing channels and EPG data
  • Launcher icon was not displayed on Android TV

Version 0.9d

The following has been fixed/added:

  • A few important settings have been added. Important! After installation, check the settings in the dashboard.
  • Audio desynchronization compensation added
  • GUI adjustments (Box and Mobile)
  • Added a transparent background for subtitles
  • Custom User-Agent for streams added
  • Added features to Advanced Remote Controls (such as Formuler)
  • Performance optimizations and improvements

Version 0.9f

The following has been fixed/added:

  • Further improvements when loading episodes in series that do not contain all seasons
  • Added EPG timeshift per list and group (*)
  • The offset for TV catchup is calculated automatically
  • Parental control PIN can be changed
  • Various bug fixes

Both values must be set in the editor. Timeshift by list is not necessary with our EPG data. All data are in the UTC time zone and are converted by the app.
Here's an example:
Line has Timeshift 2
Group has Timeshift -1
Result for this group is 1 + (-1) = 1 hour offset. All other groups with the value 0 have a 2 hour offset

Version 0.9k

The following has been fixed/added:

  • Automatically update the playlists and EPG data
  • Alphabetical sorting in IPTV VOD and SERIES.
  • For SERIES sorting by release date.
  • Various bug fixes
  • Automatic download of the APK for new versions

Version 1.0RC1

The following has been fixed/added:

  • VOD Sorting by release date.
  • Various bug fixes
  • Automatic download & install of the APK for new versions

Version 1.0RC2

The following has been fixed/added:

  • Hardware acceleration can be set per channel/vod
  • A playlist can be defined as a favorite. This is automatically loaded at startup
  • At the request of some users we have revised GUI. In the settings you can change the theme. Dark or light
  • In the dashboard, under the section "Continue watching", the most recently added VOD and series are displayed
  • In the editor itself, we have added additional settings for the template. Now you can determine which content is loaded. Live TV, VOD and TV series can be disabled individually. These settings apply only to the XE Player.
  • To improve the functionality of the app, we have discontinued support for merged lists. Since the app can store multiple lines, that should not be a problem
  • Various bug fixes

Download Version 1.0RC2

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