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Add Formuler device (MyTvOnline)

To connect your line to a Formuler (MyTvOnline) device, you need a MAG line.

To be able to use our portal with the device, you need a normal line from your provider (username and password). We can not support M3U file at the moment. You can only make an MAG Line (Formuler) if your provider uses XC Server software! If you already registered the device with the provider only with the MAC address, you also did not get a username and password. We have developed a Java tool, with which you can find out the user name and the password. We guarantee no success with it. Use only at your own risk.

See MAG Converter manual

If you have received a link from the provider that looks something like this  (http://server.extension:8080/get.php?username=123USER123&password=123PASS123&type=m3u_plus&output=ts) then you can create an API line. In this link you have all the information to create a line. I take as example this link.

Server = http://server.extension:8080
Username = 123USER123
Password = 123PASS123

1.Create a new MAG device

  • Click on the button "Add MAG device"  in the dashboard. You can now fill out this form with the information from the link.

    Title of your list

    Server URL of the providers. Without further parameters. Ex: "" Works only with providers using XC server software.

    Your username from the provider

    Your password from the provider

    Choose whether you want to have MPEGTS (.ts) or HLS (.m3u8) stream. You can still change that later

    Parental code
    Select here the parental control code

    Enter here the MAC address of the device. This field can no be edited. Format "00:1A:79:XX:XX:XX". These can be found in the settings of the MyTvOnline app

    Primary audio language
    Primary language for sound and subtitles.

    Secondary audio language
    Secondary language for sound and subtitles.

    Buffer size (ms)
    Choose a suitable buffer size in milliseconds here. By increasing the buffer size the stuttering can be remedied, but the channel change takes longer. You can adjust this value later.

    Settings - Always overwrite the channel name
    When synchronizing, the editor checks whether the "Channel name" field is empty. If Yes, this field is updated by the channel name of the source. If the field is not empty, the field is not updated. This option always overwrites the Channel Name field.

    Setting - Auto-Sync
    With this setting, your list is synchronized daily with the source.

  • After saving, you will be redirected to the selection of groups (Choose specific groups for synchronization). Since we use the interface from the server, here you can only select specific groups for the synchronization of the list. The advantage here is that the synchronization works much faster and the superfluous channels are not loaded. Disadvantage is that you do not automatically get the new groups from the provider.
  • Click on "Save". You get back to the dashboard. Your list will now sync to the server for the first time.

Your device is now registered with us and valid for 12 hours. You should now edit your list. The MAG line is identical to the API LIne. Check out the instruction API line to learn how to edit channels and groups. 

API Line manual (Section 3. Edit groups and channels)

After editing the groups and channels, the EPG-ID assignment has to be done. Otherwise, no EPG will be displayed.

EPG-ID assignment

2. Prepare Formuler (MyTvOnline) device

  • Open the MyTvOnline app and go to the settings. Create a new portal with this portal URL:

3. Subscribe the device

  • If you are satisfied with the portal, you can subscribe to it until the end of your regular subscription. The price is calculated. Click on the button "Subscribe"
    Please do not delete this device. The MAG subscription applies to exactly this record.
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