EPG-ID assignment

This step is very important. For the player to be able to assign the EPG data correctly, it must be assigned to each channel.

In the dashboard, click on the title of your list. You will get the channel editing page.

Mark a group and click on the button "EPG-ID assignment". You get to the page of the EPG assignment. On the right side you'll find a list of available EPG data from us. You can also search for the channel there.

In the overview you have 4 columns. You can also change the channel name and logo url for each channel here. Important is the 2nd column "EPG Id"

If you have not yet made an assignment, these fields are highlighted in red. This means that no EPG data is assigned by us with this EPG ID. Each channel must have a valid EPG-Id. Example: ORF 2 = Orf2.at. green marked fields are assigned correctly.

We try to make a suggestion for the EPG-ID with the channel name. These suggestions can be found in the 4th column. To make a good suggestion, you should first clean up the channel names. You can also use the function "Replace specific strings in channel title". Instructions can be found in the menu "M3U List" and "API Line". If you have found the right EPG ID in the proposals, you can simply click on it.

If you have not found a suitable proposal, you can also enter directly in the field "EPG-ID". After 3 characters we search for results in our database.

A good overview of available EPG can be found here.


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